Mesh bands 0.030” (4mm x 4mm):

  • Conveyors for drying ovens in the Borra (recycled material) pressing process.
  • For drying the fabric after color pigmentation.
  • In the drying process of printing on fabrics, our fiberglass fabrics with TEFLON® (PTFE) can also be used here.
  • 0.030” (4mm x 4mm) black mesh band for the use of UV rays.

0.010” and 0.014” conductive black stripes 

  • used in fusing machines for the application of inter-fabric placed on collars, cuffs, waistbands.

On the other hand, we have standard 0.005” fabric that is used for:

  • Screen printing octopuses in the application of prints.
  • Coating of dry cleaning plates 

We offer 0.010” fabric with adhesive

  • For coating rollers for bonding machines.